Finding the best insurance isn’t simply about getting the cheapest price, but about finding the right coverage for your individual needs. We believe in not just working with one insurance company but with many, that way we can search the insurance market for the best product to fit your needs at the right price point!

We insure many things! Here is a list of various insurance products we provide:

Automobile Insurance

  • Every Day Vehicle for Commuting (Cars, Vans, SUV’s)
  • Motorhomes
  • Recreational Vehicles (ATV’s, Snow Mobiles, Quads etc..)
  • Motorcycles and Mopeds

Property Insurance

  • Home Insurance
  • Condominium Insurance
  • Renters/Tennant Insurance
  • Apartment Insurance
  • High Value Articles (Wedding Rings, collectables, Fine art, Sport Equipment, Cameras etc)
  • Land Liability
  • Property in Storage
  • Motorboat and Sailboats
  • Mobile Homes
  • Personal Liability Insurance

Business Insurance

  • Professional Business Liability for all Types of Businesses
  • Building Insurance
  • Food Business Insurance
  • Retail/Wholesale/Manufacturing Business Insurance
  • Business Tennant Insurance
  • Commercial Condominium Insurance
  • Commercial Vehicles/ Cars used for Business
  • Trucking Business Insurance
  • Surety and Fidelity Bonds
  • Apartment Complexes